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Oh my dear god i hate how people are always on about being Gay not being right and how it can be "fixed" by doctors. There is nothing to FIX they are normal! For fucks sake Love isn't a disease to be avoided. Personally i find it baffling that people can be so against gays being together or getting married when they are fine for a straight couple to be together. Love is love plain and simple, it is hard enough to come by in todays' society, then we go ahead and say gays loving each other isn't right it's like saying we don't like that they love each other. It'd fucking hypocritical. Also to say that it is against the bible i find to be poppycock. The book is god knows how old and is 'someones' view on things we have no real roof that god or anyone else wrote it or anything, we weren't born back then we don't know. We only have someone elses word for it in the form of an outdated book. 

I know that sounds bad, but i'm not fully trashing the bible at all i believe in it alright, but not all of it. I believe god did create us sure, but we were made to love and if god loves her/his children then they love ALL their children, both gays and straights or bisexuals! There is no reason to be so against it, i mean i think we all need to stop living in the dark ages, seriously take your heads out of your asses and look around, Shit isn't perfect anywhere. To be able to find someone to love in a world like this is rare and precious and to spit on that because you don't think it's right is hypocritical and selfish. Everyone needs to be happy, everyone deserves to be happy.

Did anyone ever stop to think why so many people commit suicide after coming out? It's because people are so god damned afraid to face the fact that love is universal and change is necessary to move on and live life. They commit suicide because no one accepts them and instead try to force them to be their own preconceived version of 'normal'. This is sick and wrong, they fuck with someones way of thinking and turn them into a fucking vegetable because if you don't see things the way they want you to then you are automatically wrong!

I can't stand that people are so fucking selfish like that. America is supposed to be free! Freedom to be is being allowed to think how i want to, live how i want to, be who i want to be, and love who i want to without anyone else's opinion or self prejudice getting in the way. Is it so wrong to want things to be better? We focus so much on the wars we can see, but do nothing of the wars that are right here in plain sight and have been waging on forever, yet no one does anything about it. We have people dying, people getting killed, people being ridiculed and hurt because of who they are in our own country and we do nothing to stop it. 

The fight for being able to live how we want to, love who we want to, think how we want to is VERY real. We need to stop focusing on other shit and get our own stuff under control, we need to stop being conceited and take a large step back. A new perspective is needed on things to think logically, and being to close to the battle can lead to a massive loss on all sides. Everyone should be able to live without fear of being killed, or forced to commit suicide just because others think that how "you think" is wrong! Are we really so blinded in our own self importance that we forget the most basic thing of all, we are human! We all have feelings, yet when faced with adversity or something we disagree with we rear back and lash out like an animal and hurt others. 

I wonder if the people who frequently insult others who are gay and have died, i wonder if they feel guilt or remorse, or do they believe they are justified in what they did because it is "for the greater good". No it's not, it's for your own selfish need to feel powerful and prove that you can manipulate others into doing whatever you want and so long as no one apposes you, you see yourself as invincible. I may be ranting right now and angering god knows how many people, but i am so fucking sick and tired of seeing good honest people be torn down by bigots and harlots and blasphemous fools. We tear people down who should be put on a pedestal for the great things they have done to help others simply because we don't see eye to eye with them. 

I get that things may never fully be acceptable, there will always be strife no matter what happens, but maybe by seeing the other side of things we can be more accepting by realizing that what we do, how we act, and what we say have a major impact on everything even others, no matter how little what we did is. Some things take years before they come into play in someone elses life, a lich pin effect if you will. All it takes is something to trigger that one thing someone said or did and all the dominos come crashing down. It can be in a good way or in a terrible way. Compassion is our greatest emotion, yet for all the people i have seen it's starling just how little i see people actually caring.

The human race to me is dying out because we are forgetting who we are, all people care about now if money, power, and where they can get their next fix if it's for drugs, sex, whatever and it's sad. We are losing ourselves and the worst part is we see it everyday and no one does anything to stop it, to fix it, to prevent it. People get mugged and you can be in a crowd of people and ask for help and no one does anything, they only care for themselves. If it doesn't effect them then why should they care, this seems to be their mentality. We should be helping each other, yet we turn our backs on our own for selfish reasons. 

It's sick and personally i am ashamed to be human, wolves look out for their own better then we do, bears may be territorial, but they protect their cubs while i've seen mothers abandon their children because someone asked them too. What does it say when the things we deem to be "animals" show more compassion than we do as humans when the lines become so blurred and we become the animals we have feared, when will we realize that we have become the monsters we never wanted t be in the first place. What doesn it say when the animals become more human then the humans. I leave you with this thought, when you strip away everything from everyone and there is nothing left we should all band together and help each other, yet i can guarantee most would sooner turn and hurt others to get what they need then help. when you have nothing left to take or give what are you? Pandoras's box was supposed to contain hope because she closed it in time so we would always have hope, why do i feel like someone opened the box and snuffed that out. When we stop caring about others we stop being human, and when all is said and done at the moment i don't know whats scarier. The fact that we aren't caring anymore and losing our huanity, or that without our humanity we are becoming the very monsters we fight against. 


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Rayne Maranochi
United States
Well i like to write and sometimes sing. Another thing i like to do is draw, call it a calming and fun pass time. right now though i am in the process of writing my own FanFiction and have asked someone to please make a sword fitting the description i gave them.

listening to: CrushCrushCrush by Paramore

feeling: Empty, and very lonely.

Status: Lonely

Current Residence: Earth, and wishing i was anywhere but here. *another dimension calls* Ooooh Gimme!

Favourite genre of music: just about anything BUT opera. they sound like their screaming. I also HATE polka.

Favourite photographer: eh, clueless again.

Favourite style of art: anything that catches my eye. i'm critical about what i like and don't.

Favourite cartoon character: Naruto Uzumaki, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rogue, Kain Akatsuki, Inuyasha, Koga, etc.

Personal Quote: Live each day like it's your last. Because in the end it's not the things you did that you regret, it's the things you didn't do. So smile, laugh a lot, cry, fall in love or fall out of love, make art or make war (preferably art), but never forget to breathe. Because with each breathe you take you live a little longer, and the fact that you live gives someone else the reason to continue doing the same.

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